Prepare for Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum

With our Mamamoon Online Birth Preparation Course, you'll not only get a solid preparation for pregnancy and labor, but you will also reflect on your vision of parenting journey that is just ahead of you. Our goal is for you to have all the right tools to use during labor. And most of all, that you are excited about meeting your baby, feeling confident and comfortable with your choices for pregnancy, birth, and the time afterwards.

What you'll learn: 

  • Breathing techniques for labor (and not only!)
  • Understand how our body works during labor (based on which other practices will be shared)
  • Poses to help your baby position into the most optimal position for birth
  • Poses to ease sensations during labor
  • Poses for the final phase during labor when your baby is about to be born
  • Partner practices to support mother in labor
  • Massage techniques
  • Natural ways to induce labor or help with its progress
  • Deep relaxation techniques
  • Visualization techniques
  • Coaching exercises to reflect on your parenting life and your goals

What others say about Mamamoon

The knowledge and tools we share in our Mamamoon Online Course, we also share in our Online Retreats. Here's what others say about it!

Julia & Kun

"The program Kasia and Nina from Mamamoon put together, it's much more than a birth preparation class. It is an opportunity to take a step back, remember why you wanted a child with your partner in the first place and what you expect from your life as a family. The mix of body and mind-focused exercises really equips you to get ready for the big adventure.

We are highly recommending the their course. If we ever were to go for another child, we would join again for sure!"

pregnant woman sitting on gymnastics ball talking and gesturing
Kasia Pokrop and Nina Jonker-Voelker from Mamamoon Retreats

About Mamamoon

Mamamoon came up as an idea in December 2018. It started quickly taking shape of something real, simply because we are both passionate about pregnancy, birth, and the change that it brings to our lives. And we love to share this passion with you!

With our backgrounds in Yoga, HypnoBirthing, and Coaching, plus our personal experiences of going through life changing events, we've made it our mission to support moms- and dads-to-be on this special journey through pregnancy, birth and becoming a parent.

Get a taste what Mamamoon is about..

A 3-min-movie from Mamamoon One Day Retreat in Amsterdam March 2020. In case you like to continue your pregnancy journey with us in a face-to-face setting :)

Get inspired...

Most of the birthing stories we hear about are not the stories we would like to hear about. Not because that's the usual story to expect when it comes to labor but because we simply don't talk enough about the positive birth stories.

In Mamamoon we encourage our students to share their birthing stories with us, so we can then share them with you. And this way together we can change the birthing scene one birth at a time..


Abigail Maja - Mamamoon baby
Abigail Maja

Abigail's parents joined Mamamoon Online Retreat a day before their due date. Abigail was born in the hospital in Copenhagen May 1st 2020.

Read the full birthing story here.

Anne, Mamamoon Baby

Anne's parents joined us in Amsterdam for Mamamoon One Day Retreat in March 2020. Anne was born at home, delivered by her father as their midwife didn't make it in time..

Read the full birthing story here.

Daphne, Mamamoon baby

Daphne's parents joined us in Amsterdam for Mamamoon One Day Retreat in March 2020. Daphne's mom had a history of hemorrhage so when the labor was well established they moved to the hospital. Daphne was born about 40 min after the arrival to the hospital.

Read the full birthing story here.


  • What's the optimal time to start the Mamamoon Birth Preparation Course?

You can start the course any time after pregnancy week 14.

  • I'm already quite late in my pregnancy, can I still take the Mamamoon Birth Preparation Course?

Yes, we'll share with you a lot of tools and exercises that will help you even in the late stages of your pregnancy and birth, and in your transition into parenthood.

If you have any doubts, please consult your General Practitioner before you start the course.

  • I'm still quite early in my pregnancy, does it make sense to take the Mamamoon Birth Preparation Course already?

Yes, absolutely. The earlier you start the course, the more time you'll have to practice what we'll share with you!

If you have any doubts, please consult your General Practitioner before you start the course.

  • I don't have any yoga experience/ I'm not a flexible person. Does the course make sense for me?

Our Yoga Program is designed for moms-to-be with or without any prior yoga experience. It focuses on poses and movements that will help you prepare for labor, regardless of your level of yoga experience. If you have no yoga experience so far: Don't worry, welcome on board at Mamamoon!

If you have any doubts, please consult your General Practitioner before you start the course.

  • I'm experiencing some pain in my body during my pregnancy (e.g. around pelvis, lower back pain, joints). Can I still take the Mamamoon Birth Preparation Course?

Everything that we do in the yoga classes is to help you during your pregnancy or to prepare for labor, hence you may even find it helpful to take the class to ease your pregnancy pains. Having said that, each body is different. If you do not feel comfortable with any of the poses as it is causing you pain, you should skip it in the sequence. Please also consult your GP if you have any doubts.

  • What if I have a difficult pregnancy or experience complications?

In that case, please don't take any risks and consult with your healthcare provider or General Practitioner before deciding to take this course. They will be able to tell you what you should or shouldn't do.

  • Will taking the Mamamoon Birth Preparation Course guarantee a smooth, easy and painless, natural birth?

We wish we could guarantee that you’ll have a smooth birthing experience after taking this course but off course, we can’t. However, by taking the course and continuing with your practice you’re helping yourself to prepare the best you can, so that you can be confident and excited about the day you bring your baby to this world!

  • Can the Mamamoon Birth Preparation Course help me even if I might have a c-section?

In general, in our Mamamoon Birth Preparation Program, we'll share with you tools to prepare for a natural, vaginal birth. However, many of the breathing, relaxation and visualization exercises can help you to feel empowered and calm in any situation - c-section or not!