Intro to the Mamamoon Program

Meet Kasia and Nina who will be guiding you during the course!

Two mamas on a mission to change the birthing world one birth at a time, and to make it easier for us to enter our new reality as a mom - the part that nobody really talks so much about, but which takes way more time than labor itself..

Sharing with you expertise from yoga, HypnoBirthing, coaching and simply life as a mom. Joining you during your pregnancy journey not only in a form of this online course, but also inviting you to getting in touch and connecting outside of the course, in live Zoom relaxation classes, yoga sessions, Q&As and info sessions along the way.

Preparing for birth and parenting life is something that we often postpone, or even decide to categorize it as a nice-to-have. While it is in fact probably one of the most important moments in your life: time that defines your baby arrival and you becoming a parent.. It's true that we can never plan it all, but it makes a huge difference if we approach it with confidence, knowledge and ability to take decisions by ourselves, rather than decisions being taken for us.

At Mamamoon we share with you tools to approach your birthing day from a stand of calmness and empowerment, making you excited about the day when you meet your baby for the first time, rather than scared of it and of what comes after. And we do it with fun!

We do it, because we love it, and because we see how important it is after just going through that process ourselves. There is a lot of books about how to feed your baby, or yourself when pregnant, but not so much about how to be a mom. It's a journey and it starts with your belly. Pregnancy is not an easy ride, parenting can be tough, really tough at times. But you can make it so much easier on yourself! And we want to join you doing exactly that. From belly to baby..

Mamamoon Team

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